Purchasing a puppy or adult to become a member of your family is a significant commitment which should involve some research. The puppy will be affected by his or her genetics, mother’s early care and environment provided by the breeder. Along with providing a history of each individual dogs background, I feel people should know a little bit about my background in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and the environment I try to provide for your new friend.

I live in beautiful, northeastern Utah at the base of the Uintah Mountains. We have a unique mixture of red rock mountains and deserts with nearby rivers, lakes, forests and endless outdoor activities. After my children were grown, I decided to look for a canine companion to share the outdoor activities we loved; hiking, camping, and boating. The more investigating I did, the more fond I became of the looks, personality and affection of the Cavalier. In those days the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was not recognized by the AKC and it took me several months to find my best friend, Charles. He was everything I was looking for and we spent many happy hours together.

After Charlie passed away, I decided to get more involved in the breed and I purchased Maggie and Murphy. Murphy, a black and tan, was the first dog I showed. I started in UKC shows, to learn how to show and what the show world was all about. Murphy did very well, and he was the number one UKC Cavalier in the country in 2007. I then switched to AKC sanctioned shows and he is now an AKC Champion. Cobrnik Cavaliers has another Champion male, Kelton and Grand Champion female, Vonnie.

I truly enjoy being involved with my dogs and making new friends in the dog show world. However, first and foremost, my dogs are part of my family, my happiness, my existence. I never tire watching them romp from indoors into their shaded, grassy, fenced, ½ acre exercise yard.

I hope you will consider making a Cobrnik Cavalier a member of your family as well.

We prioritize breeding for health, temperament, conformation and correct size. This includes working with them daily by brushing, training and making sure they look and feel their best. Regular veterinary checkups are provided, including special evaluation of their heart, eyes, and patellas for deficiencies that would impact breeding. Quality dog food, exercise and body condition are a priority throughout their lives. DNA evaluation for genetic diseases is also provided for those conditions where it is available.

In summary, my goal is to try to continually improve the breed I love, so that you can purchase a friend that will provide you with the same joy I have experienced over many years.

Inquiries and questions are always welcome.